Teaching Experience

Introduction to Psychology (2017, Denison)
Language and Visual Cognition Lab (2017, Denison)
Cognitive influences on reading (2017, Denison, independent study)
Cognitive Psychology (2016, Denison)
Research in Cognitive Psychology (2016, Denison)
Psychology of Reading (2016, UCSD)
Statistics Section Instructor (2015, UCSD)
Introduction to Psychology (2014, UCSD; 2014, Academic Connections)
Lab: Psycholinguistics and Cognition (2014-2015, UCSD)
Undergraduate Seminar – Careers in Psychology (2013-2014, UCSD)

Teaching Assistant: Eating Disorders (2016, UCSD)
Teaching Assistant: Psychology of Language (2015, 2013, UCSD)
Teaching Assistant: Psychology of Human Sexuality (2015, UCSD)
Teaching Assistant: Introduction to Psychology (2015, 2012, UCSD)
Teaching Assistant: Statistics (2015, UCSD)
Teaching Assistant: Engineering Psychology (2014, 2013, UCSD)
Teaching Assistant: Principles of Behavior (2013, UCSD)
Teaching Assistant: Cognitive Psychology (2013, 2012, 2010, UCSD)
Teaching Assistant: Social Cognition (2012, UCSD)
Teaching Assistant: Social Psychology (2011, UCSD)
Reader: Personal Ethics at Work (2014, Rady School of Management, UCSD)
Reader: Managing Diverse Teams (2014, Rady School of Management, UCSD)
Course Assistant: Abnormal Psychology (2008, Michigan State)

Guest Lectures:
Guest Lecturer, “Sensation and Perception”, (2015, UCSD)
Guest Lecturer, “Lexical Access and Ambiguity”, (2015, UCSD)
Guest Lecturer, “Sex as a Commodity”, (2015, UCSD)
Guest Lecturer, “Eye Movements and Visual Processing”, (2014, UCSD)
Guest Lecturer, “Sign Language”, (2013, UCSD)
Guest Lecturer, “Human Computer Interaction”, (2013, UCSD)
Guest Lecturer, “Category Discrimination”, (2013, UCSD)
Guest Lecturer, “Language”, (2013, 2012, 2010, UCSD)
Guest Lecturer, “Learning”, (2012, UCSD)
Guest Lecturer, “Categories, Heuristics, and Biases”, (2012, UCSD)